Our Values

Jabberwocky is a family business with children (and grandchildren) of our own. We created Jabberwocky because we wanted to make a different kind of softplay. One that values all the family – parents, grandparents and carers – as well as children.

When you bring your children to Jabberwocky we know you are trusting us with the most precious people in your life, and that you want to give your children the best possible experiences to help them play and develop their skills. So we provide the safest environment we can, a fun play frame to explore and good food which contains as few additives as possible. We know they will have a great time whilst they’re here!

But what about you?

Parenting is a hard job and although kids may be the joy of your life, we all know they can be stressful and tiring. You spend your time looking after their needs but often get little time for yourself. For grandparents, taking care of grandchildren is a delight but also a huge responsibility.

When you visit Jabberwocky we want you to feel welcome and be able to relax for a while. Of course you are still responsible for your children, but our cafe seating arrangement always lets you see what they’re up to. Our food is prepared on the premises, our coffee is excellent and our scones are legendary! Our cakes are baked here by young people who we are taking time to train towards national qualifications. Our staff and friendly and child-oriented, so if the little one’s lunch ends up on the floor it’s no problem.  You can meet your friends here, or just take it easy for a while in the knowledge that the kids will leave tired and happy.

Our Partners

Whether it’s a supplier of our food or another business running an activity on our premises,  we will always choose partners who share our values. Our coffee supplier Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters in Perthshire is a small firm roasting delicious coffee near one of the most beautiful glens in Scotland. They can trace their coffee all the way back to the individual farmer who grew it and are happy to pay their growers premium prices for their amazing beans. We’re happy to pay a little more for such good coffee, and are sure you’ll agree once you’ve tasted it!

We love working with anyone who wants to start running their own activities or classes here at Jabberwocky, and proud and delighted that several of them have created businesses here that are now valued and well established. Please talk to us if you have a business idea with appeal to families that could share our space at Jabberwocky.

Our Community

We’re always keen to provide support for ventures that benefit young families or other causes. If you are fundraising for a playgroup, children’s charity or other cause please get in touch. We may be able to donate a raffle prize, host a collection box, host a table sale or help you raise funds. We have a community notice board in our reception area where you are welcome to place posters or leaflets.

Our lost property policy is to wash and recycle items to children’s charities as soon as it’s clear they’re not going to be reclaimed.


The safety of your family is our top priority during your visit.  Our playframe is inspected regularly and are floors are non-slip to keep safe small running feet. We ask you to sign in your children when you arrive and sign out when you leave, even if no-one in your party needs to pay, so that in the very unlikely event of a fire we know you are on the premises. Our fire doors are clearly labelled and painted red.

If you see anything, or anyone, that gives you cause for concern regarding safety then please tell any member of our staff immediately.

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