Our Menu


Toasted crumpets with jam or Nutella  2.00

Toast with jam or Nutella 2.00

Pancakes with maple syrup 4.00

Beans on Toast 3.00

Bacon Sandwich 3.00


Tunnocks Tea Cake or Caramel Log 1.00

Pom Bears 0.75

Sweet and salty popcorn 1.00

Snack a jacks rice cakes 1.00

Bear pure fruit yoyos (blackcurrant, apple, mango, strawberry or raspberry)  0.75

Breadsticks   0.50                       Child-sized box of raisins   0.50

Fruit (banana, apple or orange)   0.75


Home made Soup

Home made soup of the day, (small/large)  3.00/4.50


Savoury Stuff

Sandwiches, various fillings served with  hand cooked crisps and salad 4.50 (extra fillings 50p)

Toasted panini, various fillings served with hand cooked crisps and salad 5.50 (extra fillings 50p)

Nachos with salsa and soured cream 4.50  (add chilli or veggie chilli  1.00)

Pasta with tomato and basil 4.75

Chicken salad with a honey mustard dressing 5.50

Baked potato served with salad 5.00

Quiche of the day served with salad and hand cooked crisps 5.00

Quesadilla chicken and cheese or three bean chilli served with salad and tortilla chips  5.00


Kids Lunch

Sandwich/toastie 2.75           Soup 2.00           Soup and sandwich 3.00           Macaroni cheese 3.00

Macaroni with tomato and basil 3.00        Beans on Toast 3.00      Cheese and ham quesadilla 3.50


Homemade Cakes

We have delicious fruit and savoury scones, cakes, and gluten free cakes baked freshly in Jabberwocky every day. See the blackboard for today’s selection.


Ice cream and Slushee

Ice cream:    Feast 1.25            Callipo 1.25               Cornetto 1.50           Magnum 2.00

Solero 1.50      Twister  1.30

Iced Slushee (various flavours)  1.50


Glen Lyon Artisan Highland Roast Coffee

Espresso   1.80/2.00           Americano   2.20/2.40             Latte   2.30/2.50

Cappuccino   2.30/2.50                 Flat White   2.40               Mocha    2.75

Hot Chocolate   2.50


Pot of Tea, Decaff tea, Green tea, Chamomile, Peppermint, Redbush,  Chai or Earl Grey  2.00


Cold Drinks

San Pellegrino Aranciata or Limonata   2.00

Coke  or Diet Coke      2.00/1.80

Irn Bru  or diet Irn Bru    2.00/1.80

Dr Pepper, Fanta and 7-up     2.00

Highland Spring Still or Sparkling Water 1.75

Fentimans Ginger Beer 2.00


Kids Drinks

Mango, apple or orange juice    0.80    Blackcurrant or orange Fruit Shoot 1.00      Babyccino  0.80

Orange or blackcurrant squash 0.50     Milk 0.60     Innocent smoothies 1.50       Jugs of juice 2.50

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